UNCG's College of Visual and Performing Arts has created a year long series of events that examine, understand, and celebrate the 1960s - an era that changed everything. One of these programs is 'Another Year of the Dead,' a series of events celebrating the Grateful Dead's legacy. For the next few weeks, the City Billboard will be graced with their lyrics. 


In the Summer of 1989, UNCG offered a set of two sociology classes, applied research and social theory, focused on the study of the Grateful Dead community. The instructor, a photographer, a film crew, two graduate assistants, and 21 students went on tour that summer and made history (see The Illustrated Trip by Blair Jackson, the Congressional Record, and numerous media outlets).

For UNCG it was the Year of the Dead.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, almost 30 years later, UNCG will host a series of events celebrating the legacy of the Grateful Dead. Hence for UNCG it will be Another Year of the Dead. The events include showing The Long Strange Trip, the Grateful Dead Documentary Series, with two of each of the six episodes shown on three occasions; a curated Psychedelic Counter-Culture Art Exhibition; a City Billboard Project; a performance of a UNCG Grateful Dead cover band; Images of the Grateful Dead and Deadheads, a photographic exhibit; UNCG Dead Scholars Unite!, a day of scholarly presentations focused on the Grateful Dead and their fans; and a semester-length online course focused on the Grateful Dead Legacy.